Friday, 17 September 2010

British Scholar transfers to Edinburgh University Press from 2011

- Transferring Publisher: British Scholar Society

- Transferring Publisher contact name: Bryan S. Glass

- Transferring Publisher contact email:

- Society (if applicable): British Scholar Society

- Journal Title: 'British Scholar', to be re-titled 'Britain and the World' from 2011

- ISSN: 2043-8567

- E-ISSN: 2043-8575

- Receiving Publisher: Edinburgh University Press

- Receiving Publisher contact name: Sarah Edwards, Head of Journals

- Receiving Publisher contact email:

- Effective Transfer Date: 1 January 2011

- Archival access policies: back issues to Volume 1 will be available with a current subscription from EUP Journals Online (

- Notes on any special circumstances: please note name change (see above)


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