Thursday, 23 September 2010

British Actuarial Journal transfers to Cambridge University Press from 2011

Transferring Publisher: Self Published: The Faculty of Actuaries and the Institute of Actuaries

Transferring Publisher Contact Name: Sally Grover

Transferring Publisher Contact Email:

Society (if applicable): The Faculty of Actuaries and the Institute of Actuaries

Journal Title: British Actuarial Journal

Print ISSN: 1357-3217
Online ISSN: 2044-0456

Receiving Publisher: Cambridge University Press

Receiving Publisher Contact Name: Sam Murphy

Receiving Publisher Contact Email:

Effective Transfer Date: 01 Jan 2011

Archival Access Policies: Content, including archive will be available through Cambridge University Press

Special Circumstances: Bundled online and print and online-only subscriptions available. No separate rate for individuals. Special arrangements exist for members of Institute and Faculty of Actuaries. BAJ is available on its own or as part of an 'Actuarial Science Package' with AAS


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