Monday, 11 October 2010

11 EDP Science titles to be Marketed, Sold and Distributed in a partnership with Cambridge University Press from 2011

Current Publisher: EDP Sciences

Current Publisher Contact Name: Jean-Marc Quilbé

Journal Title: Annales de Limnologies
Print ISSN: 0003-4088 Online ISSN: 2100-000X

Journal Title: Aquatic Living Resources
Print ISSN: 0990-7440 Online ISSN: 1765-2952

Journal Title: Environmental Biosafety Research
Print ISSN: 1635-7922 Online ISSN: 1635-7930

Journal Title: ESAIM: Control, Optimisation and Calculus of Variations
Print ISSN: 1292-8119 Online ISSN: 1262-3377

Journal Title: ESAIM: Mathematical Modelling and Numerical Analysis
Print ISSN: 0764-583X Online ISSN: 1290-3841

Journal Title: ESAIM: Probability and Statistics
Print ISSN: 1292-8100 Online ISSN: 1262-3318

Journal Title: European Physical Journal – Applied Physics (The)
Print ISSN: 1286-0042 Online ISSN: 1286-0050

Journal Title: Fruits
Print ISSN: 0248-1294 Online ISSN: 1625-967X

Journal Title: Mathematical modelling of Natural Phenomena
Print ISSN: 0973-5348 Online ISSN: 1760-6101

Journal Title: RAIRO: Operations Research
Print ISSN: 0399-0559 Online ISSN: 1290-3868

Journal Title: RAIRO: Theoretical Informatics and Applications
Print ISSN: 0988-3754 Online ISSN: 1290-385X

New Sales, Marketing and Distribution Controller: Cambridge University Press

New Sales, Marketing and Distribution Controller Contact: Sam Murphy

New Sales, Marketing and Distribution Controller Contact E-mail:

Effective Date: 01 Jan 2011

Archival Access Policies: Online content, including archive will be available through Cambridge University Press


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